Adults’ FAQs

Q: What is this website about?

A: is a children’s and youth site dedicated to the book series “The Legend of Guts and Glory” by Jessica Crichton. Everything on this website is aimed at building and supporting the “Guts and Glory” fandom.

Q:  What are the “Guts and Glory” books about?

A: The books are middle grade reading level, which generally spans from age 8 to 13. Books of this age group are also often referred to as “chapter books”. The genre is adventure fiction, with a steampunk / post-apocalyptic feel. A short synopsis of the series reads:

Trevor and Tabitha Tate thought they were pretty normal kids. Well, until their mom was pulled through a bathtub by a giant metal tentacle. Now, they’re stuck in a cruddy city infested with giant cockroaches and robot mosquitoes, and being expected by a bunch of ragtag kids who call themselves the Dark Crows to save them from a literal army of meatheaded teenagers who, for some reason, really like gum that looks like poop. Through it all, the Tates make some unique friends, learn how to deal with enemies without bullying, and find the heroic strength and power they have always had inside.

Q: Who is Jessica Crichton?

A: Jessica Crichton grew up in Spokane, WA as the excitable, imaginative middle child of three girls. She’s always loved reading and writing, having published her first story in the local newspaper at age 16. In 2006, she graduated from Vermont’s Union University with a B.A. in film and commercial media, and in 2014, she earned her M.F.A. in children’s literature from Union Graduate School. She is a mother of five (ages 11-21), and over the years has taught English, creative writing, and drama to grades 5 and up. She currently lives in Spokane with two of her children, three cats, and her fickle Muse.

Q: Is this website safe?

A: Like any place on the internet, it is always best for you to monitor your child’s use of That said, it is our goal to keep this website a safe, fun place for children. To that end, we have implemented certain steps:

  • Message boards and chatrooms are limited to the teenager’s area, “Igh Schoo”. In order to avoid contact with strangers, ages 12 and below are not allowed in those areas, which are locked by age check. While there are cases where children will lie in order to get into an area for older users, Igh Schoo itself is also protected. (See below.)
  • In order to protect ages 13 and up, the Igh Schoo area is protected by monitors and admins, and there is no private message option in either the message boards or the chatrooms. Igh Schoo rules stipulate that teenagers are not to give ANY personal information on any thread or chat, and any such information found by monitors or admins will be deleted.
  • No personal information will ever be asked of any youth who uses this site. To that end, all new users are directed to take the “Nil Name” quiz in order to “earn their Nil name” and use their Nil name, instead of their real name, in any area of the site that may require a name for any reason. Parent’s email addresses are the only bit of personal information required, in order for us to have a contact with parents / guardians if needed.
  • An email will be sent to parents upon registration with, in which will be a link to this page, as well as a short “quiz” which parents must answer before their child’s access is unlocked, to ensure that we have both contact with and permission of all parents / guardians of any user on Parents and guardians are also more than welcome to reply to that email with any questions or concerns they may have at any time.

If you have any further questions or concerns. please feel free to contact us. We’ll do our best to help. Thank you.