Adults’ FAQs

Q: What is this website about?

A: is a children’s and youth site dedicated to the book series “The Legend of Guts and Glory” by Jessica Crichton. Everything on this website is aimed at building and supporting the “Guts and Glory” fandom.

Q:  What are the “Guts and Glory” books about?

A: The books are middle grade reading level, which generally spans from age 8 to 13. Books of this age group are also often referred to as “chapter books”. The genre is adventure fiction, with a steampunk / post-apocalyptic feel. A short synopsis of the series reads:

Trevor and Tabitha Tate thought they were pretty normal kids. Well, until their mom was pulled through a bathtub by a giant metal tentacle anyway. Now, they’re stuck in a cruddy city infested with giant cockroaches and robot mosquitoes, and being asked by a bunch of ragtag kids who call themselves the Dark Crows to save them from a literal army of meatheaded teenagers who, for some reason, really like gum that looks like poop. And of course they still have to save Mom… wherever she is.