The Midway’s the part’a a fair where ya play games. The Net Nest’s got games too. Just click on a arrow an’ play! Have fun, but be careful ‘a the roaches!

*If a game don’t work, try a diff’rent browser. Some’re picky like that.

Acid Factory

It’s gross an’ fulla junk. Lots like Nil!

[game id=”1752″]

Blox Forever

Ya gotta git the blocks tagether ta make ’em POOF! Wish we had poofs here in Nil. It’d make cleanin’ up easier!

[game id=”1441″]

Cable Capers

Escape the monsters an’ do the things!

[game id=”1453″]

Cave of Despair

Adventures underground!

[game id=”1786″]

Dune Buggy

Race like Guts, Glory, an’ Books!

[game id=”1858″]


It ain’t goin’ thorough a tub, but it’s fun!

[game id=”1500″]


Roll a metal ball. It ain’t Guts’ buzzballs, but it’s fun anyhow!

[game id=”1779″]

Shopping Mall Parking

Drive ’round a mall like Books’… only not so cruddy.

[game id=”3221″]

Trials 2

Ride a motorbike like Books!

[game id=”1887″]